My name is Martin and I have recently graduated from Western Washington University with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science.
Currently I am pursuing interests in User Experience Design as a Master’s Candidate for Human-Computer Interaction.
My interest in Human-Computer Interaction and Design roots from my background in Music. Being a pianist, I have enjoyed working hands-on alongside other musicians to bring live music directly for audiences to enjoy. Wanting to provide these same hands-on experiences through technology, I turned my focus on my Computer Science studies towards Human-Computer Interaction and Design to help create technology that gives people more positive interactions.
Utilizing my multi-disciplinary experiences from Music and Computer Science, my goal is to bring a more user-oriented and thoughtful mindset when developing technology. With the rapid advancement of new technologies, I want to make sure that accessibility and inclusivity are given high priority throughout the product’s lifecycle from idea to release.
Continuously learning from new experiences, I enjoy creating illustrations in one of my many sketchbooks and discovering new repertoire to play on the piano.

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