Website Design

Save Union Bay Association

Branding and website creation for the Save Union Bay Association to improve user experience and website management.


Save Union Bay Association is a non-profit environmental conservation organization that monitors the ecology of Union Bay in Seattle, Washington. The organization has helped reduce and manage invasive species in the area by utilizing city and state grants and conducting annual surveys within the Bay.


With the organization’s original website builder deprecated, Save Union Bay Association was not able to update their website to reflect their current projects and works. They needed a website update that would allow for more efficient communication and provide a better user experience.

How can Save Union Bay Association manage their website better, alongside with being able to effectively communicate with the community digitally? 


My job as designing the website was not just organizing the site’s structure, but also advising the organization’s digital content and branding. I wanted to ensure that Save Union Bay Association’s message would be conveyed through both visual and written means, and on different devices.

Initial Website Structure for Save Union Bay Association

Establishing the Save Union Bay Association Logo and its Corresponding Stylesheet

The website for Save Union Bay Association was launched late March 2021. With an updated website the organization has been able to reach out and communicate more effectively within their community.